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When love and faith crash 

Finding love is everyone’s wish. As Francis Gabriel La maladie d’amour de sept à 77 ans literally meaning Love sickness goes from Seven to seventy seven years old. It is a beautiful thing that implies commitment, engagement and determination. Both partners usually come from different backgrounds, with different stories, different motivations and different expectations.  When it comes to gay couples it also depend on everyone’s journey into accepting oneself. This journey differs from one to the other, depending on their cultural, religious and family background.

James and Richard’s relationship is made up by all those differences. They both grew up in catholic families in Uganda. Their relationship with their faith is however different and complex. James is more into church and so practicing while Richard is only sympathetic with church. The commitment of James to church seems disturbing Richard because he failed to unite his faith and his sexual orientation. In cultures that believe so much in blessing there is also a belief of cursing because if God doesn’t Bless you it curses you.

Richard believes if you are gay you don’t have anything to do with God in order to live happily. If you go to church, you are attracting a curse from God. On the other hand James believes being christian helps him to do better as a human being. He believes, it can also help him to build a very healthy and strong relationship with Richard and thinks church can do more for LGBTQ+ community. Their couple basically avoid talking about faith in order to avoid misunderstanding, an approach that they both suffer from.

“ You can not be christian and gay, it is not compatible. I don’t know what is in the mind of James” Richard said while James claims “ God loves everyone regardless his sexual orientation. The church has changed his positions about many things and I am sure it will too when it will open doors to LGBTQ+ community. They will see that we can pray, we can love, we can help, we can also spray the Gospel. We are more than what the church thinks we are or should be.” James also thinks that Richard’s feeling  is the result of the position of the church on homosexuality. He believes this kind of feeling does more harm than good, “ It preaches discrimination and rejection which neither Godly nor Biblical”